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getting started smallCourage

It takes courage to make that initial call, even if you have been in therapy before. Yet that contact is a step for your well-being. Be patient with the excuses that may pop up to hold you back, but make the call or send the email to begin the journey.

Initial Session

The initial session allows the opportunity for you to get to know Kathryn a bit and to sense if you would like to work with her. For Kathryn it provides her the opportunity to get to know you and sense if she feels she can be of help to you.


The number of sessions and how often a session occurs depends on the individual and his or her situation. Sometimes a few sessions provide what is needed for the client. Other times, if a person wants to do deeper work, time is needed.

The Fee

The fee is $100 per hour for individual sessions. Kathryn does not work with insurance companies, but she will provide a receipt of payment that may help with some insurances.

Phone sessions and Skype sessions are a possibility.

Dr. Kuisle’s office is on the south side of Colorado Springs. It is easily accessible from Pueblo.


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